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    Why Choose Turkey?

    Turkey is well-known for being a popular tourist destination thanks to its distinctive culture, delectable food, leisure activities, and wonderful climate, as well as for the foreign investors in local real estate who help the growth of the building sector and the national economy. Turkey is a nation where citizenship is granted to those who make a particular amount of economic investment.

    Turkey Citizenship by Investment Program

    Since we are knowledgeable immigration advisers, we constantly strive to offer a variety of possibilities for getting citizenship through investing. By making an investment in Turkish real estate, we grant citizenship.

    The investment needed to take part in Turkey’s citizenship-by-investment program was roughly four times lower in 2018 thanks to revisions made to the country’s citizenship law, which increased the program’s appeal.

    In the Investment Migration market, Turkey’s program for citizenship through venture investment has a strong chance of becoming one of the most popular options in 2019

    Why Choose a Immisquare Consultant?

    An experienced group of immigration experts and solicitors based in Dubai & Kuwait, Immisquare Consultant offers services throughout the entire Middle East. Our mission is to offer hassle-free, quick, simple, and customer-focused immigration services.