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    Why Choose Spain?

    Spain is a nation in Europe with a rich cultural past, extravagant castles, stunning architecture, dung-covered landscapes, and mountains that reach the sky. Spain has a unique personality due to its bustling cities and charming countryside.

    Spain Residency Program

    Our staff, which is among the top immigration advisors in the Middle East, provides a range of citizenship by investment and permanent residency programs for everyone seeking to go abroad. We are aware that applying for residency in a new nation can be a time-consuming process. Our staff of immigration consultants can help in this situation. To help you comprehend, let us offer you a brief overview of the Spain Residency Program.

    There are three different ways in which an individual can apply for Spain Residency Program :

    putting money into a home or commercial project worth at least 500,000 euros.

    A bank deposit of one million euros or an investment in a Spanish company are two more ways to obtain a resident visa for Spain.

    investing a sum equal to 2,000,000 euros in government bonds.

    The primary applicant, his or her spouse, minor children, dependent adult children, and parents are all eligible to apply for a resident visa in Spain.

    The Spanish government provides two options for requesting a permanent residency visa. These are the techniques:

    Residency permit for investors: Spain is where this type of application is created. The permit is valid for two years and has a five-year extension option.

    Golden Visa for investors: This type of application is submitted to the consulate of Spain. The permit is valid for a year and may be renewed for an additional five years.

    Advantages of Spain Permanent Residency :

    Free Travel: A person who has a residency permit from Spain is free to travel from their home country to any other Schengen nation.

    Right to Live: The permit holder has the right to live and work in Spain under the Spain residency program.

    Whole Family: The primary applicant receives the Spanish residency permit along with members of his or her family, including parents and children.

    No Stay Obligation: The holder of a temporary residency visa in Spain is not required to remain there for a set time. For the duration of the permit, he or she may spend one day in Spain.

    Permanent Residency: After a specific amount of time, individuals with temporary residency permits can apply for the permanent residency program.

    Why Choose a Immisquare Consultant?

    An experienced group of immigration experts and solicitors based in Dubai & Kuwait, Immisquare Consultant offers services throughout the entire Middle East. Our mission is to offer hassle-free, quick, simple, and customer-focused immigration services.