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    Why Choose New Zealand?

    The North Island and the South Island are the two primary landmasses that makeup New Zealand. a nation renowned for its breathtaking views and abundance of natural beauty. New Zealand is home to a variety of lakes, rivers, beaches, and mountains. It is a well-liked holiday spot with a variety of plants and animals.


    By investing in real estate, businesses, or government bonds, one can become a permanent resident of New Zealand. There are two categories for the Investment Visa for New Zealand: Investor 1 category and Investor 2 category. The following are the requirements for the same:

    Investor 1 Category

    Investment – To apply for Permanent Residence under the Investor 1 Category, an investment totaling NZ$10,000,000 over three years is necessary.

    Age – The maximum age for this category is not specified.

    Language: English language proficiency is not required.

    The applicant must stay in New Zealand for a minimum of 88 days over the course of three years, with no annual quota.


    Investor 2 Category

    Investment – To apply for Permanent Residence under the Investor 2 Category, an investment of NZ$2,500,000 over a 4-year period is necessary.

    Age: The applicant’s age should not be greater than 66 years old.

    Language: The applicant must speak English.

    The candidate must stay in New Zealand for a minimum of 438 days over the course of 4 years, with a cap of 400 applicants per year.

    Advantages of New Zealand Permanent Residency :

    Free Travel: Once permanent residency has been granted, the resident is free to come and exit New Zealand as often as they like.

    Social Benefits: With a New Zealand permanent residency visa, you have unrestricted rights to live, work, and study there.

    Medical Benefits: Permanent residents of New Zealand are eligible for social security and medical benefits.

    Citizenship: After meeting certain requirements, you are eligible to become a citizen of New Zealand. Also, every child born there automatically becomes a citizen.


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