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    Why Choose Montenegro?

    Montenegro is a stunning island country.  It is known for its white sand beaches, emerald jungle, and fragrant spring. The lush vegetation and welcoming seas that surround this island add to its attractiveness. The island represents passion and adventure.

    1. Contribution towards National Economic Fund (NEF)

    The  Citizenship by Investment Act’s section 33, which established the Economic Diversification Fund (EDF), establishes the National Economic Fund. This fund was only established to lure foreign investment to support public projects and reward it with citizenship.

    The following is the amount that NEF will contribute to Citizenship by Investing program:

    • Single applicant: a $100,000 nonrefundable contribution
    • The contribution for the primary applicant and spouse is USD 165,000.
    • The contribution for a family of up to four people is USD 190,000.
    • The NEF contribution for each extra dependant is USD 25,000.
    1. Real Estate Investment

    With this option, anyone can become a citizen of investing in real estate with a minimum value of $300,000.

    The government must accept the investor’s real estate purchase for them to qualify for  citizenship through investment. Also, the investor must hold onto the property for five years.

    1. Pre-Approved Enterprise Project

    A participant in the Citizenship by Investment program is eligible to get  citizenship by investing in a project that has been pre-approved and that will result in the creation of at least three jobs. For joint investments, each applicant must contribute at least $1 million, the project as a whole must be worth $6 million, and it must result in the creation of at least 6 permanent jobs.

    4.Investment in non-interest bearing Government bonds

    Advantages of  Citizenship by Investment Program

    No Stay Requirement: Under the Dominica citizenship by investment program, there is no physical residency requirement.

    Stable Environment:  Montenegro enjoys membership in the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS), the Commonwealth of Nations, the Caribbean Community (CARICOM), and the International Organization of La Francophonie.  Montenegro is a very stable island because it belongs to such a prominent organization.

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