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    Why Choose Moldova?

    Moldova, an Eastern European nation, is positioned between Europe and Asia. Its topography is diversified, with rocky hills, forests, and vineyards. More than 4 million people call the Republic of Moldova home. Moldova won its independence in 1991. It joined the UN in the year 1992, and in the year 2016, it joined the EU as an associate member.


    Moldova Citizenship by Investment Program

    The Citizenship by investment (MCBI) initiative for Moldova went into effect on October 1st. Via the State Investment Fund in the MCBI Program, the candidates must contribute financially to the nation’s development. Families are given citizenship in exchange for this dedication and severe due diligence requirements, which include a thorough background check on candidates and investors.

    Investors, spouses, minor children, adult children under the age of 29, and parents over the age of 55 are all eligible to obtain Moldovan citizenship by investment.

    For the applicant alone, €100,000.

    For a couple, €115,000.

    Families of four can receive €145,000.

    For families with five or more members, €155,000.

    1. Additional fees

      Government costs: a non-refundable fee of 35.000 euros (no restrictions on the number of family members)

      Due Diligence: 5,000 euros for extra family members who are older than 16 and 6,000 euros for the primary applicant

      Fees for passports: 300 euros per application


      Advantages of Moldova Citizenship by Investment Program

      Visa-free entry to numerous nations across the world, including the Schengen region, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Romania, Russia, and Turkey.

      Along with the investor, his or her family members, such as dependent parents and adult children, are also eligible to apply for citizenship.

      Low minimum investment requirement for European nations.

      There is a minimum amount of waiting.

      The 90-day application processing period for becoming a citizen of Moldova is followed by an immediate passport delivery.

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