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    Why Choose the USA?

    The economy and way of life are both stable in the United States. a region widely recognized for its tourism, numerous tourist attractions, and sightseeing. The United States has such a large population despite having mountains covered in snow, forests, beaches, cities, and open skies.


    For foreign business owners who want to operate their business enterprise in the US, immigration options are available in addition to giving permanent status through the Eb 5 visa. In order to continue their job in a branch or office of the same firm, business owners can temporarily move foreign employees who hold managerial, executive, or specialized knowledge positions to the U.S. using an L1 visa.

    Officials of foreign organizations who intend to relocate their organization to the US or establish an organization there in order to carry out their official job may apply for this non-immigration visa for the US.

    Those who want to extend their company into the US are eligible for the US L1 Visa. One can apply for the L1 visa, which can also result in a Green Card if they are the owner of a foreign company or branch or hold a managerial position. Strictly speaking, the L1 visa for the United States allows for the exchange of representatives between international organizations.

    Requirements for L1 Entrepreneur visa :

    For investment in a business and office rent, at least $100,000 is needed.

    The employee, who may include business owners, must have worked for a US corporate subsidiary, parent, affiliate, or branch office outside of the US for at least one year out of the previous three years in order to qualify for an L1 visa.

    Purchase a business, and within the first year of operation, add at least 3–4 positions.

    within the parent corporation, conducting business both domestically and internationally.

    a business strategy and at least $50,000 in the company’s account.

    Advantages of L1 Entrepreneur visa :

    Simple Visa Retention: You can keep your L1 status for up to 7 years if you comply with the program’s requirements.

    Social Benefits: Investors and their families are permitted to study, work, and reside anywhere in the US under the L1 Entrepreneur Visa program.

    Cost Effective There is a small investment amount needed, and you don’t need to show anyone where your money came from.

    Green Card: There is a Immisquare Consultant chance of eventually earning a Green Card through the EB-5 program after receiving the L1 Entrepreneur Visa.

    Family Benefits: Visas will be granted to the applicant’s spouse, children under the age of 21, and other relatives.

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