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    Why Choose Greece?

    Greece is a nation in Southern Europe that is located at the southernmost point of the Balkan Peninsula and has a sizable coastline and a number of islands. Greece is renowned for its beaches, from the Mykonos party islands to the black sands of Santorini. Greece is a member of the European Union and has a rich cultural legacy as well as impressive architecture. The country’s landscape is made up of expansive plains, snow-capped mountains, exotic beaches, and shining towns. Also, it benefits from a Mediterranean environment and friendly locals.

    Greece Residency Program

    Greece Residence is one of many permanent residency programs that our company offers. We are the top immigration experts in Dubai, and we have operations all around the Middle East.

    Third-country nationals and their family members are eligible for the Greece residence program if they have a stable source of income and are not financially dependent on the Greek government.

    Greece offers temporary residency permits that can be obtained for up to two years and then renewed as long as the holder continues to receive a steady income. After five years, the temporary resident status might be converted to permanent residence in Greece. The Greek permanent residency is conferred on the condition that ownership of the property remains with the resident holder for the duration of their lifetime.

    Who is Eligible for Greece Permanent Residency?

    Families of the applicant and homeowners of any nationality who have made a minimum real estate investment of 250,000 Euros (Spouse and children under 21 years old of age, unmarried, common children and those who have adopted, and children of the sponsor or the other spouse, including adopted children, if one has been entrusted with the exercise of parental responsibility).

    Advantages of Greek Permanent Residency :

    Schengen Visa: The Greek PR is a Schengen visa since Greece is a signatory to the Schengen Agreement.

    Free Travel: Travel directly to any Schengen nation, including the United Kingdom, from your home country. Having a Greek residency permit entitles the holder to unrestricted travel from their country of origin to any Schengen country, unrestricted travel within the Schengen countries, and unrestricted stay in any Schengen country for up to three months every six months with the option of multiple visas.

    European Union Status: With a Greek residency, you can become a member of the European Union in as little as two months.

    No Stay Obligation: The holder of a Greek residency permit is not required to remain in the nation for a predetermined amount of time.

    Right to Work: Greek citizens are permitted to live and work in any of the 34 nations that make up the European Union (EU).

    Business Opportunities: Individuals who possess a permanent residency permit may register or operate a business or purchase real estate.

    Family Benefits: Holders of a residency permit may enroll their children in universities and colleges in Europe.

    Golden Visa: Numerous European nations offer the chance for non-European citizens to get a Golden Visa. Greece presents the least expensive option among the several European nations.

    Our knowledgeable team will assist in getting permanent residency through investment programs for additional European nations in addition to the Greece Golden Visa. 

    Why Choose a Immisquare Consultant?

    An experienced group of immigration experts and solicitors based in Dubai & Kuwait, Immisquare Consultant offers services throughout the entire Middle East. Our mission is to offer hassle-free, quick, simple, and customer-focused immigration services.