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    Why Choose the USA?

    The American economy and way of life are both stable. a region that attracts tourists with its many attractions and sightseeing opportunities. The USA has such a large population despite its snow-capped mountains, forests, beaches, cities, and wide skies.


    Any country’s permanent residency scheme permits the candidate to take advantage of specific perks. The Eb 5 program, which was started by the United States of America, is no different. Getting a permanent residency visa for the United States is an easy process. The following are the program’s requirements:

    Investment: The applicant must make a returnable investment of $900,000 as part of the EB-5 program for permanent residency through investment.

    Business Investment – You are eligible for permanent residency if you invest in your firm and it helps create jobs for at least 10 people for 2.5 years from the year of submission or a regional center project.

    Other requirements – The applicant is not required to have any education or experience.

    Advantages of US Permanent Residency :

    Family: Also, the applicant’s spouse and children up to the age of 21 will be granted permanent residency.

    Free Travel: Holders of permanent resident visas are permitted to enter and exit the United States without a visa.

    Employment: Holders of Eb5 green cards are not subject to any occupational limitations. They are employable in any industry.

    Benefits: You can get social security and health benefits if you have a permanent residency visa for the United States.

    For investors and business owners, the United States additionally provides the L1 visa and the E 2 Visa. We will walk you through every step of the application procedure for immigration to the USA as immigration advisors.

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