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    Why Choose the USA?

    The economy and way of life are both stable in the United States. a region widely recognized for its tourism, numerous tourist attractions, and sightseeing. The United States has such a large population despite having mountains covered in snow, forests, beaches, cities, and open skies.


    In addition to providing a permanent residency program via a US Eb 5 visa, The L1 visa provides to investors and business entrepreneurs. We will help you every step of the way as your immigration advisors when you apply for immigration to the USA.

    Investors are permitted to purchase a business or have ownership of controlling the shares under the E2 Non-Immigrant Visa. Also, there is a great chance of eventually receiving a Green Card through the EB-5 program. and E 2 Visa are additional immigration alternatives that the United States of America 

    Requirements of E 2 Non-Immigration Visa for Investors :

    Investment in a company must be at least $200,000 under the US Entrepreneur Visa program.

    citizenship from a nation that is a party to the US’s E-2 accord.

    a five-year business plan that demonstrates your ability to turn a profit.

    Advantages of E 2 Non-Immigration Visa for Investors :

    Visa Duration: Your visa stay is only temporary while the business is up and running; it may be extended indefinitely till it becomes lucrative.

    Work Flexibility: The E2 Entrepreneur visa for the USA does not need executives or international business operations.


    Cost-effective: A small financial outlay.

    No Employment Obligation: There is no minimum demand for the number of new jobs that must be generated.

    Advantages for the family: E2 visas are granted to the applicant’s spouse and all children under the age of 21.

    Why Choose a Immisquare Consultant?

    An experienced group of immigration experts and solicitors based in Dubai & Kuwait, Immisquare Consultant offers services throughout the entire Middle East. Our mission is to offer hassle-free, quick, simple, and customer-focused immigration services.