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    Canada Skilled Worker Immigration

    For individuals who want to investigate their options in a foreign country, Canada is a land of possibility. Beginning on January 1st, 2015, it opened its doors to Skilled Professionals and Workers by introducing the Express Entry System to handle Work visas and Canada Permanent Residency applications.

    Applications are processed more quickly and the process is straightforward. The good news is that the majority of occupations are covered by the Canada skilled worker visa or immigration program, and it is also open to all working professionals. The NOC (National Occupation Classification) O, A, and B professions are eligible to apply under the new system. There will be no limit on the number of applications, according to CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada).which must be accepted.

    a selection-based procedure in which candidates are picked based on merit and a variety of criteria, including English Language Proficiency (IELTS), Age, Education, and Experience, among others. After being chosen, the candidate will receive an invitation to submit a case for permanent residency. The visa will be processed by CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada) in no more than six months.

    Upon establishment of the profile, the candidate will be chosen from a pool of applicants based on merit. Candidates who have accepted a job offer from a Canadian Employer or a nomination from a Province under a Provincial Nomination Program will receive an invitation to apply right away. The Federal Government may also choose suitable candidates depending on the applicant’s skill set.

    The step-wise process under the new program is as follows:

    Step 1: The Education Credentials Assessment Report (ECA), which will assess your international education.

    Step 2: An Express Entry profile would be developed online using the applicant’s online resume to identify their skills and capabilities.

    Step 3: Create an account on the Canada Job Bank website to improve your chances of being chosen and receiving a job offer.

    Step 4: Following the completion of the selection process, the applicant will be sent an Invitation to Apply (ITA), based on which a case for Permanent Residence with CIC must be submitted within 60 days of the issuance of the ITA.

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